Monday, January 16, 2012

Class Assignment #1

For our first Class Assignment, my roomate Oliver and I went to Panda Express at Tulane University. There, I  bought a meal including fried rice, and three types of meat; those meats being orange chicken, beef(with broccoli), and beijing beef with bell peppers. I love to mix the rice with the meat and I think they compliment each other well, especially because the chicken is usually spicy and the rice dulls the spiciness. That is also why I bought a water, since I knew the meal would be pretty hot and spicy. I thought the meal overall tasted very good, but unfortunately I got the last of the beef and broccoli and it looked like it had been sitting there all day, so it tasted just like it looked. I am not sure exactly where the food that fast food restaurants like Panda Express have come from, and although it tastes good and fresh, I am sure it is made a lot differently than at a normal, family style restaurant and takes alot less work to make. Overall, however, I enjoyed this meal, but I am looking forward to trying some new, New Orleans style cuisine.

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